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d'jeet? - Brunch!

I was very surprised that I stumbled into what seemed to be d'jeet's first brunch service. Now I've been here multiple times and did a review back in April, 2016 and they were my first featured section of Quick Bites just over a month ago with their Short Rib Grilled Cheese. Yet, I couldn't pass up the chance of visiting and seeing what these exciting new brunch items were. Again, d'jeet? is BYOB so fire up your favorite champagne or bring your favorite morning beer. This time around, we look at two new items: The Eggy Biscuit and the Jenny Benny.

Looks can be deceiving. You'd think the Eggy Biscuit ($8) was the size of a normal biscuit from this picture, but it's not. This delectable breakfast muffin was the size of a burger bun and filled with scrambled eggs, gooey muenster cheese and soppresata. It's a phenomenal breakfast item, but make sure you get your pre-brunch workout in, the muffin is pretty massive.

The Jenny Benny ($11) is a star of a brunch item. Filled with cheese melted to perfection, avocado and eggs cooked over medium, this was a definite favorite for the morning. The croissant is absolutely stellar and done perfectly. It's buttery, flaky and yet retains a certain amount of crisp that excites any ingredient within it. Again, the size in the picture can be a little misleading, it's actually bigger than it looks. It does come with a side of fresh fruit to serve as a palate cleanser or dessert, if you will. 

Both items are highly recommended if d'jeet? does continue to feature brunch during the weekends. I'm unsure as to whether this was a test run or not, but I support the idea since this restaurant is a prime location for something like brunch. With a BYOB set in place, the sky is the limit as far as how fun you want this brunch to be, but rest assured, the brunch menu delivers the goods. Salud!