Hops & Horns

Enjoying life one beer at a time.

An almost classic fish out of water story, Mario "beertoro" Toro has been living in New Jersey since 2008. He once lived on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, but he wanted to live more, experience more... which included eating and drinking more. In order to fully get a taste of what the United States had to offer, he figured that New Jersey might be a good starting point.

And so far, it has not disappointed at all. Being introduced into a world of brews & eats - moving into the craft beer movement was just the logical step for the self-proclaimed beertoro.

So what is this website about mainly?

  • Beer - Bringing you quality pictures of the best craft beer in America along with certain notes and thoughts on each one pictured.
  • Breweries - Visiting each brewery and judging them based on their overall quality and product, from the beer to the taproom to the ambiance, we examine it all.
  • Bars & Eats - We visit some of the best craft beer bars and restaurants across America. We do restaurants a little differently here: We focus mostly on the bar area and the people within the bar area. Mainly focusing on the area of New Jersey and the Northeast section of the U.S., we take looks at quality bars and restaurants with some of the best craft beer selections and eats out there! From local legends to hidden gems, we leave no stone unturned.
  • Quick Bites - Section dedicated to revisiting some of the earlier establishments visited or for when I want to do a quick piece to point out something different from a local establishment.
  • Versus - Sometimes I like to do my own version of celebrity deathmatch, but with beer. I pit two beers against each other and decide who wins!


So why the name "Hops & Horns"?

  • Hops - Naturally, because of beer. It's one of mankind's greatest agricultural and long-lasting achievements!
  • Horns - With a last name like Toro, it's impossible to ignore the journey of one man living one beer at a time!

Join him on his journey to eat and drink everything!